God is the Ultimate Shadow.

What does that mean?

The “Shadow Self,” of which Jungian psychologists are known for pointing out, is the repressed, unconscious aspect of ourselves. It runs the show from behind the scenes, influencing our behavior and thoughts.

People talk about the Shadow, for example, in terms…

If you’ve ever used psychedelics, you may wonder why some experiences have been good and some haven’t, or why your experiences differ from others.

I’m going to break it down.

Psychedelics are amplifiers.

They don’t give you anything.

They put a magnifying glass on what’s inside. (Whether you believe you’re…

Do you see the world around you as living?

Many of us think it is just a bunch of empty parts. Even trees, that we recognize as living things, are classified in our minds as inanimate objects. They’re not seen as beings with consciousness. They’re just sitting around, inert, unlovable.

We now have a new president in office, and many are excited. There is a hope, enthusiasm, and sense of relief, at least for one political party.

Maybe some progress will be made.

But more important than any election of a political figure is the deeper “election” of a different…

I was talking to a coworker today about how so many families have been coming into the Crisis Center seeking support for their suicidal kids.

This got me looking into the stats for rates of suicidal ideation and attempts by youth since the pandemic’s onset. I can’t say I was…

Drew Pegram

Existential Guide. Hypnotherapist. Consciousness Navigator. Experience working in a mental health crisis center in peer support.

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